About us

Social Work Society (SWS) is a Kuwaiti civil society organization founded in 2005 by Bibi Nasser Al Sabah. Since its inception, the mission of SWS was to protect, support and provide services to victims of human rights violations and those whose rights have been marginalized and neglected by Kuwaiti laws. In recent years though, due to various reasons the organization has focused on a specific population, domestic and migrant workers. It provides various services to domestic and migrant workers, such as providing lawyers; representation at police stations, helping detained workers return to their home countries, and helping victims get medical care. The organization also works and coordinates with the different sending embassies, the UN, international NGO’s and local and regional NGO’s to tackle ongoing human rights violations in general and more specifically against the workers, while trying to improve their overall well-being and livelihood in the current circumstances. One main goal of the organization is to abolish the “Kafala” sponsorship system and advocate for the legislation of domestic labor law.


SWS aims to create community awareness and grassroots mobilization to support and protect victims of human rights abuses, specifically vulnerable communities.

  • Equality

    We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, and commit to equitable treatment in our work regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, religion etc.

  • Accountability

    We operate in an open, transparent and collaborative manner and practice fairness and objectivity in our work.

  • Integrity

    We are a neutral and non-partisan group and conduct our operations based on international ethical standards.

  • Advocate and Raise Awareness

    To highlight human rights violations in Kuwait, specifically relating to vulnerable communities, as well as producing policy recommendations to lawmakers to strengthen human rights laws. SWS will also organize educational workshops, to increase awareness and educate domestic and migrant workers of their own rights.

  • Monitor and Report

    To produce reports for international organizations and conferences. We also work to monitor private and government agencies dealing with domestic and migrant workers, including the government shelter for domestic workers, to ensure that their basic rights are being met.

  • Support and Collaborate

    To provide adequate support to vulnerable groups in Kuwait including legal representation and healthcare services. We also seek to foster and nurture its partnerships with the government, other civil society groups and NGOs as well as the communities we serve.

Board Members
  • Bibi Naser Al-Sabah
  • Alia Faisal Al-Ghanim
    Vice Chairman
  • Mahmoud Tifony
  • Fatima Massoud Hayat
  • Abdulaziz Al-Tahir Mulla Jummah
    Board Member
  • Fahad Al-Khatrash
    Board Member
  • Dr. Fayez Abdullah Al-Kandari
    Board Member
  • Eman Sabah Naser Saud Al-Sabah
    Board Member
  • Reem Abdullah Al-Abdulrazzaq
    Board Member